Sorry for not responding to the thread sooner, but I've been busy the
past few days. The underlying issue causing this regression has been
identified and worked on a bit, I've posted a failing testcase to
#catalyst-dev, etc. Its just a question of exactly what or how to do
about it that's a bit complicated AFAIK - I haven't followed up on
this in the past day or two to see what the final fallout was.

The true nature of the issue is that in previous Catalyst releases, if
your Model directory contained Foo.pm and Foo/Bar.pm, Catalyst itself
would always load both files, without question. In the release's way
of handling the component loading, Foo.pm is always loaded first, and
if it defines a "Foo::Bar" namespace, then Foo/Bar.pm won't get loaded
by Catalyst (it assumes Foo.pm must have loaded it, basically).

Some usages of some Models (in theory even DBIC::Schema, but the
pattern is probably rare to nonexistant) rely on this older behavior
to load layered "additional" definitions on top of Loader-generated
in-memory definitions.

-- Brandon

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