Karl.Moens@marsh.com wrote:

Just adding my 0.02$ to the discussion.

Would it be overly difficult to host Catalyst with all its modules and
dependencies as a PPM package (or set of packages) for ActiveState Perl

When I last did a install of Catalyst on a clean "out of the box"
ActiveState Perl, CPAN / CPANPLUS failed to install quite a lot of modules
and dependencies as they needed to be compiled, which on a compiler
challenged Windows system is a big PITA. I think I managed to pull these
all in through PPM (although I had to look in various repositories and in
the end the newest version of Scalar::List::Utils somehow broke the weak
references functionality, so I had to manually copy some 10-odd files from
another clean install of ActiveState Perl to make it work again), but it
really took me the best part of the day.

It would be a nice service to the Windows / ActiveState Perl users if the
Catalyst web-site provides a PPM repository of Catalyst, its modules and
dependencies. Installing Catalyst would then be as simple as adding this
repository to your list of repos and typing "install Catalyst".

aka CountZero on Perlmonks
Possibly a good point. However, availability of Catalyst PPMs is a lot
better now than it used to be and I believe the majority of those that
you need can be found here:


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