On 11/22/05 10:28 AM, John Lifsey - Contractor - wrote:
It may be covered by your callback idea, but if I were using it I'm sure
I would want to arrange the form how I liked (or more correctly, someone
with a clue about interface would arrange it). Would something like this
be possible?

[% form.start %]
<table><tr><td>Your email address:</td><td>[% form.email
[% form.stop %]

So that formmanager (gener/valid)ates the form elements, but the
structure can be changed?
...and so the convergence towards Rose::HTML::Objects continues ;) Okay,
I'm mostly kidding, but I do see a lot of similarities in the evolution of
the various FormBuilder/Validator modules. That code snipped posted above
is pretty much exactly how you'd use a Rose::HTML::Form in a TT template
(plus or minus some method name tweaks).


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