All rejoice 1.0 of C::P::Auth::Simple is on the CPAN.
There is a remarkable similarity between this & the other two C::P::Auth
modules already on the CPAN, go figure.
From the README:
Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Simple version 1.0

A 'simple' authentication mechanism for Catalyst.
Usernames, passwords, & roles come from either a file or an array ref.

In your Catalyst main module say something like:

authentication => {
user_file => '/full/path/to/user/file',
[ password_hash => 'md5' OR 'sha' ]

The format of 'user_file' is:


Instead of 'user_file' you can pass in an array ref like:

authentication => {
users => [
[ password_hash => 'md5' OR 'sha' ]

IF 'password_hash' is set to md5 or sha the password is a hash of one of
those two variants, so the $password you pass into 'login' or
'session_login' will be hashed by Digest::MD5::md5_hex or
Digest::SHA::sha1_hex & then checked for equality.

Final thing - if you pass in a filename the username list will be read in
once & only once & then converted to the 'users' array ref. Later in your
app you can dynamically change this array ref. as you please for future
login attempts...

Have Fun!

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