Thank you for putting this out! At work I'm dealing with a custom ORM
for legacy code and limited use of DBIC where possible in newer code,
which system of course has very, very few tests. I'm trying to improve
the meagre test suite, but my efforts so far for manually creating
fixture data are too brittle for a long term solution.

And of course new $job uses Mysql, where old $job used Postgresql.
I've looked briefly at things like MySQL::Sandbox [1] and
Test::DataLoader::MySQL [2] but I'm not quite sure what the best
practice is with Mysql. Any tips or future articles on this topic
would certainly be very useful to me. Being able to quickly bring up a
database, which can be wiped and populated at will, for a specific .t
file would be all kinds of useful.


On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 8:25 PM, Kieren Diment wrote:

You may recall that the Catalyst Advent calendar was retired at the end of 2011 in favour of a series of monthly articles. ?We missed January, for various reasons, one of which was that we needed to decide what infrastructure we were going to use to publish this stuff.

Eventually we realised that CPAN is already a perfectly good publishing mechanism. ?So here it is - the first of the Catalyst monthly articles: (or if your email client doesn't like long links).

In due course (and with suitable volunteer labour *ahem*) we expect to have an RSS feed and aggregator to bring all of the links together in a slightly more appropriate way for docs than or

And if you want to write an article for us, get on IRC and suggest away. ?We're not expecting anything more substantial than the old advent calendar articles.
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