On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 22:35, Mihir Mone wrote:
No this problem does not occur if the message is small. The payload is
basically database table rows that are being synched between two sites. When
the number of rows per payload is under 10 this error does not occur. But
once it starts getting past 15 or so I am seeing this error. The
configuration 1 which has this error is configured for 500 rows, which
configuration 2 is configured for 3000 rows. And configuration 2 works fine

Yes the error is present even when you receive a message through
"rabbitmqadmin get" command.

Yes, I have confirmed that the original message sent to the broker at the
remote end is OK. If you see the screenshots I have sent in the original
email, one of them is named remote-site and the other is named local-site.
They are nothing but dumps taken from the rabbitmq_management web UI.

It is quite unlikely that this kind of bug is within RabbitMQ broker.
It's much more probable a fault within your app or a client library.

If you think this is a problem on RabbitMQ side, please prepare
a (hopefully simplistic) test that reproduces the issue.

Only then we would be able to run the test on our machines
and confirm the problem.


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