1.As we know, a cluster may have two types of node:ram and disc. When I have only one broker and one node, what is the type of this node? ram or disk? I type cluster_status command at the terminal:

[root at test ~]# rabbitmqctl cluster_status
Cluster status of node rabbit at test ...
[{nodes,[{disc,[rabbit at test]}]},{running_nodes,[rabbit at test]}]

it shows that the node is "disc". so, is it means that the only one node has the type of 'disc'?Can it be changed to 'ram'?if yes,how?

2.If a rabbitmq cluster has a number of nodes, such as test1 at test, test2 at test, test3 at test...so how can i visit the cluster by java client api?
i know the way to connect a broker by method "setHost(String host)".if I need to connect to a cluster,i just use this method and set the argument to the ip address of one node in the cluster, is it ok? If not ,any other solutions?

Thanks everyone.I am just a beginner for rabbitmq and i want to learn more.
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