Clint Miller <clint at> writes:
I'm actually using the community supported C++ client available here:
I'm afraid I have never looked closely at that client.
As best as I can tell, that's the most current/up-to-date
version. However, when I'm reading the source, I do see that it DOES
NOT call the amqp_basic_* functions. Both the implementations of
basic.get and basic.consume use the amqp_simple_rpc function. Is it
possible there's a newer version of the C++ client that uses
RabbitMQ-C's amqp_basic_* functions? Or do I need to build that
The C++ library should certainly be updated to avoid using
amqp_simple_rpc, and use the method-specific API functions instead. But
that is probably not the source of the problem in itself (those
functions are generated wrappers onto amqp_simple_rpc).

basic.get and basic.consume do involve an amqp_simple_rpc call. But
then further code is required to actually receive the message or message

Could you construct a minimal program that demonstrates the problem?

David Wragg
Staff Engineer, RabbitMQ
VMware, Inc.

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