Hi Hussein,

Thanks for your question. The RabbitMQ team do not have any immediate
plans to add a Java SOAP stack, but that could change if there is
sufficient demand.

I'm copying in Mark Pollack who may know whether anything related is
planned for Spring-AMQP.



On 16/11/10 21:26, Hussein Said wrote:
WCF RabbitMQ bindings works great and I am consuming Web services using
the RabbitMQ binding with little change to our codebase.
I guess my question is if there are any plans(now or future) to have a
custom AXIS2 or JAX-WS Transport for RabbitMQ since they are widely used
SOAP stacks. This will greatly benifit the SOAP community so that the
adoption of AMQP is less of a barrier if a native AMQP transport client
is available. Spring has one, and OpenAMQP has JMS over RabbitMQ. Also,
I noticed on the AMQP org site that 1-0 SOAP Mapping
<http://mail.cml.com/confluence/display/AMQP/1-0+SOAP+Mapping> is
proposed, but that may be months before approved and supported.


*From:* Emile Joubert [mailto:emile at rabbitmq.com]
*Sent:* Mon 11/15/2010 4:49 AM
*To:* rabbitmq-discuss at lists.rabbitmq.com; Hussein Said
*Subject:* Re: [rabbitmq-discuss] SOAP over RabbitMQ

Hi Hussein,
On 13/11/10 17:06, Hussein Said wrote:
I would like to know if there is something equivalent to the WCF
ServiceModel on the Java side.
I have a web service hosted in WCF that calls another web Service
hosted on Axis2. I was able with relative ease
To add the RabbitMQ binding on the .net side, and use SOAP as the
protocol, and RabbitMQ as the transport using the RabbitMQ service model
libraries. Now I would like to be able to do the same thing from the
Java side using SOAP. This will allow us to leverage our current
investments in SOAP, but use RabbitMQ powerful messaging infrastructure
to transport over Queues.

In theory it should be possible to interoperate using a Java web
services library that speaks the correct flavour of SOAP, but I'm not
aware of anyone trying this using the RabbitMQ WCF binding specifically.
We would be interested to hear the results of your attempt.



Emile Joubert

SpringSource, a division of VMware

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