Same thing with Exchange. Look at the Subscription.cs source:

public void Bind(string exchangeName, string exchangeType, string


m_model.ExchangeDeclare(exchangeName, exchangeType);

m_model.QueueBind(m_queueName, exchangeName, routingKey, false,


If I use other exchange than default (non-passive, non-durable,
non-autodelete, and non-internal) I got the exception.

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Hi. As from 1.8 there is queue equivalence verification I started getting
exception when I declare queue and later use it with Subscription class.

ch.QueueDeclare(clientID, false, false, true, true, false, null);

var sub = new Subscription(ch, clientID, false, RabbitMQexchange,
RabbitMQexchangeType, "");

As you can see I declare queue with Autodelete flag set to TRUE.

But if I specify queue name, Subscriber tries to re-declare this queue with
autodelete set to FALSE and exception rises.

Check the code from the client source:

public Subscription(IModel model, string queueName, bool noAck)


m_model = model;

if (queueName == null || queueName.Equals("")) {

m_queueName = m_model.QueueDeclare();

m_shouldDelete = true;

} else {

m_queueName = m_model.QueueDeclare(queueName);

m_shouldDelete = false;


m_consumer = new QueueingBasicConsumer(m_model);

m_consumerTag = m_model.BasicConsume(m_queueName, m_noAck, null,

m_latestEvent = null;


Is this expected behaviour? What if I want to subscribe to autodelete queue
using Subscribtion class and specifying the name of the queue?

Best regards

Andrius Norkaitis

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