Hi all,

I am using RabbitMQ to send data messages between 2 java applications in
2 different machines.
Sometimes the RabbitMQ broker crashes because the queues are too large,
due to large comunication cuts (days).
I tried using MessageProperties.PERSISTENT_BASIC when performing
basicPublish action, so it persists the messages to disk, but the
problem doesn't
solve by doing that.

I would really apreciate if someone could help me solve a couple of
questions (or tell me where to look at, I've looked up in the API and
docs, but couldn't find it):
a) how can I give more memory to the rabbit to store (both memory and
persistent) messages?
b) is it possible to make the queue discard old messages when queue
reaches it limit, so at least the RabbitMQ broker doesn't crash?

thanks in advance,


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