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On Thu, 16 Aug 2012, David L Lorenz wrote:

The cenboxplot function uses cenros to estimate the censored values. The
cenros function requires at least 2 uncensored observations to be able to
do the regression. The cenros function does issue a warning when there are
more than 80% censored data, but that is suppressed in cenboxplot.
There must be something other than > 2 uncensored observations in my data
that prevent cenboxplot from functioning. For example, dissolved arsenic
concentrations have 578 total observations. Of these, 180 (31.14%) are
censored and 398 are uncensored. Both number of uncensored observations and
the percentage of censored observations appear to be well within plotable
limits, but cenboxplot() returns this error:

cenboxplot(as.d$quant, as.d$ceneq1, as.d$era, range=1.5, main='Dissolved
Arsenic', ylab='Concentration (mg/L)', xlab='Time Period')
Error in if ((length(obs[censored])/length(obs)) > 0.8) { :
missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

I would like to understand how the function obtains a censored ratio > 0.8
when it is actually 0.3114.

Displaying the data frame, as.d, has a logical TRUE or FALSE for each row;
it can be provided if needed.


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