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The sum in the loop is simply: 2 - (0.5)^count.

So you don't need this loop. As "count" gets large, the sum approaches 2.

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If there weren't an analytic solution to your problem,
then you could build a vector of the answers from 1
to the maximum in the matrix. Call that 'wtvec'. Then:

ans <- array(NA, dim(A), dimnames(A))
ans[] <- wtvec[as.vector(A)]

should get you what you want.

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Tim Smith wrote:

I have a 7000x7000 matrix, and each element is an integer. For each
element, I want to apply the function :
wt <- 0
for(q in 1:count){
wt <- wt + 0.5^(q-1)

I get the value of 'count' from the elements in the matrix , and want to
store the corresponding 'wt' value for that element.
I suppose I could loop through the matrix, and apply the function to each
element but this would take a really really long time. Are there any
quicker ways to get the same result?
many thanks,



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