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In general, any n-th order partial derivative can be approximated by forming
the appropriate tensor product of n univariate approximations. If each
univariate approximation is based on a two-point central difference (which
involves 2 function evaluations), then the total number of function
evaluations in the tensor product is 2^n. So, if you have a bivariate
distribution, then its density is simply the second-order cross partial
derivative, which can be evaluated accurately with 4 function evaluations.
You can see that this problem quickly becomes non-trivial due to curse of

Hope this helps.


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See ?numericDeriv which already does it via a C call and hence is much
faster (and probably more accurate,too).
Is there is a similar function to calculate the numerical value of the
density of a given
multivariable distribution?
I have a function of a distribution H(x1, ...,xn) (not one of the known
i.e. I can calculate a value of H for any (x1..., xn) .
And I want to calculate h(x1...,xn) for any (x1...,xn) BUT I don't know
expression of the density H.

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