?? ???????, 16 ????????? 2013 5:19:21 ?.?. UTC+2, ? ??????? Chris Angelico ??????:
On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 2:11 AM, Ferrous Cranus wrote:

If you know and wont tell me but instead you devote time to make ironic comments against me i will re-post the exact same question each time.

Then you will quickly get killfiled by more and more people, and in

the process will be working hard to destroy this group.

Your questions are NOT PYTHON QUESTIONS and they should be taken

elsewhere. You have been advised of this. Go, confront the problem.

Fight! Win!

I have no intention to destroy this fine group, all i need is some imple help.
Please just help me solve this since you are see me trying and not just make unhelpful remarks.

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