On Thursday, November 14, 2013 11:44:44 AM UTC+8, Ned Deily wrote:
I'm not very familiar with ctypes internals but it looks like

sys.setdlopenflags is not intended to have an influence on ctypes; rather, it

conditions the Python interpreter's use of dlopen to load shared Python

modules. For ctypes itself, it looks like it unconditionally sets RTLD_NOW

when calling dlopen and probably with good reason:


Ah, thanks for the link. I couldn't figure out where the RTLD_NOW flag was set.

Sorry, I don't have a suggestion for you, assuming you want to just try to

ignore the error, other than perhaps running an older version of OS X in a VM

on 10.8.

That's not an option for me unfortunately. Guess I'll have to look into other alternatives to solve the missing symbol problem.

T. C.

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