???? 14/11/2013 2:32 ??, ?/? Alister ??????:
On Thu, 14 Nov 2013 12:46:29 +0200, Ferrous Cranus wrote:
This must have happened when i was handling my root passwords out in
the open.

Served me well.
At least you seem to be learning this lesson

Can somebody explain to me why there is so many failed attempts to login
into my linux server under various user accounts?


I mean is this some normal background radiation of the Internet or is
something directed to me?

Does this happen on your servers at this extend too?
any open ports on the internet are likely to attract attention of the
'Black Hats'
this is why you have been advised to check your firewall settings
you should only expose the ports that are absolutely necessary

for a web server these would be 80 & 443

currently you have many other services also open that probably should not
if you check the logs for those services you will probably find even more
login attempts (I hope they have failed)

Yes i have more ports open as 'nmap' reports but don't forget that i'm
running cPanel for my customers, hence more ports need to be opened for
cPanel and WHM use, let alone mail and sshd.

But the response wasn't clear to me.
Ia this randomly normal background Internet radiation or some personal
directed attacks?

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