???? 9/11/2013 2:45 ??, ?/? Mark Lawrence ??????:
On 08/11/2013 23:02, ????? ??????????? wrote:
???? 9/11/2013 12:49 ??, ?/? Denis McMahon ??????:
On Sat, 09 Nov 2013 00:01:37 +0200, ????? ??????????? wrote:

I saw the link and i'm wondering if it can be written in 1-liner.
Yes, but you have to rewrite all your code in perl to do this.

Please tell me and as a git i will provide you with 2 good pdfs i just

You can see them at my website if you click the blue download button.

The 1st is a Linux Bile and the 2nd is WebHosting for Dummies.
Why is Web Security for Dummies missing?

It's not missing.
Its there, check again.
Just click on the Blue download button and select it from the list of

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