There are many open-source options that you should consider before
deciding to write your own. For example, Satchmo:

Also, don't be afraid to integrate with something not written in
python. If you can find something with a nice API that meets your
needs, it's probably worth using it rather than write your own from

If you do write your own, you need to decide on a merchant services
provider. They all have different APIs. Obviously you don't want to
design the software to be tied to one provider, but getting a feel for
what the common workflow is by examining several APIs will help you
determine what needs to happen on your end.

Also, if you want to use a merchant services provider that isn't
paypal, it is likely that you'll need to put your software through an
expensive certification process before a provider will allow you to
process transactions. The credit card industry takes the security of
credit card data very seriously, so they don't want transactions being
handled by just any one-off amateur software (not that you would write
amateur software, but you might have to prove that you didn't). I
have experience with this in the US, but if you operate outside the
US, you may be subject to different levels of regulation.


On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 9:10 PM, wrote:
Hello i want to create a shopping cart for my web-site, to receive payments
from credit cards, how can i do this? where i can start to investigate? I
did all the web-site using Python-3.


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