Hello world, greetings to all and everybody on this little planet ;]

Today I am releasing version 0.7 of JSONBOT, hope you like it.

I want to dedicate this release to Annemiek, Kirsten, Danny and
Doscha, i would not have a live without you.

changes in this release

* we got jsonbot.org running .. see http://jsonbot.org ;]
* convore support
* refactored core
* reloadable config files
* revamped web console
* resource files (contain commands the bot can execute)
* file change detection for myplugs plugins
* rebooting is fixed
* fixed relaying in jabber conference rooms
* added color.py plugin to color certain words
* added geo.py, googletranslate.py and imdb.py (thnx melmoth)
* chatlog plugin now uses the logging module .. log file rotates every
* many other bugfixes

If you have programmed your own plugin see
http://jsonbot.org/handbook/UPGRADE.html for upgrade notes.


1) fix runtime setting of loglevel
2) add flood control
3) docs docs docs docs docs
4) fix bugs

see http://code.google.com/p/jsonbot/issues/list


* tarball - http://jsonbot.googlecode.com
* mercurial - http://jsonbot.googlecode.com/hg
* github - https://github.com/jsonbot


* webconsole - http://jsonbot.appspot.com
* xmpp - jsonbot at jsonbot.org (shell) and jsonbot at appspot.com (GAE)
* IRC - jsonbot on irc.freenode.net
* Convore - https://convore.com/convore-8/welcome-to-convore/ relaying
with #convore on irc.freenode.net


* new jsonbot.org site .. http://jsonbot.org
* GAE backup docs .. http://jsonbot.appspot.com/docs


* twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jsonbot
* facebook: http://tinyurl.com/jsonbot
* email: bthate at gmail.com
* IRC: dunker in channel #dunkbots / irc.freenode.net* xmpp:
bthate at gmail.com and bart at jsonbot.org


JSONBOT is a remote event-driven framework for building bots that talk
to each other over XMPP.

This distribution provides bots built on this framework for console,
XMPP and Convore for the shell and WWW and XMPP for the Google
Application engine.

JSONBOT is all of the following:

* a shell console bot
* a shell IRC bot
* a shell XMPP bot
* a shell Convore bot
* a Web bot running on Google Application Engine
* a XMPP bot running on Google Application Engine
* a Google Wave bot running op Google Application Engine
* the XMPP bots are used to communicate between bots
* plugin infrastructure to write your own functionality
* event driven framework by the use of callbacks


You dont need to run the bot on GAE when you just want to use the
shell bots of JSONBOT. JSONBOT can best be run from the bot dir, the
bot is self contained and has all the dependancies that are needed:

* "hg clone http://jsonbot.googlecode.com/hg mybot" or download and
untar the tarball.
* cd into the bot dir and run "./bin/jsb" .. if the bot is working
correctly you will get the console version of JSONBOT
* same can be done for "./bin/jsb-xmpp", "./bin/jsb-convore" etc. ..
check the bin dir for programs you can start
* try the --help option to a program to see what command line options
are available.
* you DONT need root for this

Ofcourse you can always run "python setup.py install" or "easy_install
-U jsb" when you do want to install the bot globaly.
Debian packages are on their way, but might still take time as the
ftpmeisters need to approve ;]

Thats it ! hope you enjoy this version of JSONBOT ;]


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