On 20/04/2011 12:40 AM, Eric Frederich wrote:

I am trying to get an installer built with distutils to recognize
multiple installations.
The installer currently finds my installation at C:\Python27
I have a custom Python27 built myself with Visual Studio sitting
somewhere else, say C:\MyPython27.

I looked at PC/bdist_wininst/install.c in the GetPythonVersions
routine and see that it is searching Software\Python\PythonCore.

So, I assume I need to get my Python installation listed in the registry.
I am unfamiliar with the Windows Registry
I tried to create another 2.7 key but regedit wouldn't let me.
So, if I can only have one 2.7 key, it would seem that the routine
GetPythonVersions will only ever get 1 version of 2.7.
Does this mean that it is unsupported to have more than one Python 2.7
installation on Windows?
Yes, it does. Only 1 such installed version is considered "the" version
- although you could just have something temporarily adjust the
InstallPath entry in the registry.
Again, that GetPythonVersions routine looks pretty alien to me.... so
I may be wrong.
You have it right - although the idea is that if you have a "portable"
package to install (ie, no C extension modules), that routine will offer
to install it into *any* Python version.



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