Hello world ;]

I'm back with another release of JSONBOT, this time it is version 0.5
so we are half way through making this a 1.0 release. Lot of changes
to the core as well as other bug fixes, let me sum it up:

* this version requires an upgrade of your 0.4 JSONBOT if you run
already a JSONBOT see UPGRADE for more details on this.
* code is adapted to use the Channel API, you need google_appengine
version 1.4.0 for this.
* website has gotten a brand new look and feel.
* JSONBOT now uses ~/.jsonbot as its default datadir.
* the RSS plugin was rewritten to work on any feed instead of only
feed that support the pubDate token.
* shell bots now log to ~/.jsonbot/botlogs by default, rotating the
logs every day.
* lots and lots of bug fixes.


* source code: http://jsonbot.googlecode.com
* web demo: http://jsonbot.appspot.com
* jabber demo: jsonbot at appspot.com
* documentation: http://jsonbot.appspot.com/docs
* bugs: http://code.google.com/p/jsonbot/issues/list
* twitter: http://twitter.com/#!jsonbot

I consider JSONBOT to be of BETA quality now, i think it has become
quite usable ;] Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

As always ... HF !


about JSONBOT:

JSONBOT is a remote event-driven framework for building bots that talk
JSON to each other over XMPP.

This distribution provides bots built on this framework for console,
IRC, XMPP for the shell and WWW and XMPP for the Google Application

JSONBOT is all of the following:

* a shell console bot
* a shell IRC bot
* a shell XMPP bot
* a Web bot running on Google Application Engine
* a XMPP bot running on Google Application Engine
* a Google Wave bot running op Google Application Engine
* the XMPP bots are used to communicate between bots
* plugin infrastructure to write your own functionality
* event driven framework by the use of callbacks

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