Hi all,

I am attempting to learn curses programming and in the process have
created a small curses ui program. I am currently working on the code
which is handling resizing the terminal window.
As part of the resizing of the terminal window, I have to resize and
move some of the subwindows in my ui.
However, it doesn't seem to be working (the following is printed out
by my program into a logfile):

Parent size (y,x): 42,159
Height of subwin: 8
subwin size (y,x): 7,159
subwin coord (y,x): 35,0
sibwin size (y,x): 1,159
move to (y,x): 34, 0
subwin coord (y,x): 35,0
attempt resize to (y,x): 8,159

As you can see, the subwin's coordinates within the parent window do
not change before and after the move.

I have not been able to find any information why this might be
happening so if anyone could help, I'd be thankful.

Mitko Haralanov

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