Austin Bingham wrote:
I'm trying to get a handle on how python intersects with
crypto-related export control laws in the US and elsewhere. My current
understanding, per the PSF's wiki, is that any crypto related and
potentially export-sensitive code is in the ssl wrapper, and that, in
fact, this only links to the actual encryption implementation
(presumably libssl or something.) One caveat is that windows
installations may include the ssl implementation.

Does this effectively sum up python's exposure to export laws? On a
technical level, does removing the ssl module from a distribution
remove all references to encryption? Of course I'm not asking for
actual legal advice, but can anyone think of any other part of the
code that might run afoul of export rules? Thanks.
Here's a summary:

* Python uses OpenSSL in the ssl module and the hashlib module.

* hashlib falls back to its own implementations of the md5 and
sha algorithms.

* ssl doesn't work without OpenSSL installed on the system.

* The Windows intaller of Python ships with the OpenSSL libs.

* The only Python module that actually contained crypto code
was the rotor module (implementing an enigma-style cipher),
but that was removed a long time ago.

Depending on how close a country follows the Wassenaar
Arrangement (http://www.wassenaar.org/) OpenSSL, Python
and all other open-source software falls under the

The Lists do not control "software" which is either:
1. ...
2. "In the public domain".

If you're shipping a closed-source product that includes
OpenSSL, then you'd have to follow the rules in category 5
part 2 of the dual-use list:


However, some countries add some extra requirements to the
WA dual-use list, so you need check those as well.

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