A new open source project has been started by Linden Lab, makers of the
Second Life? virtual worlds, and the Second Life Architecture Working
Group (AWG) to test LL's proposed virtual worlds Open Grid Protocols
(OGP) that will allow any virtual world to support multi-world login,
between-world teleport and other transportation mechanisms, as well as
asset/property and currency sharing between worlds.


The code is released to all comers in Python under an Apache v2
agreement, although contributions require the signing of Linden Lab's
developer contribution agreement (giving LL equal copyrights to the
original contributer--a boilerplate LL corporate requirement that likely
is redundant given the nature of Apache v2).

svn: http://svn.secondlife.com/trac/linden/browser/projects/2008/pyogp.

Second Life contribution agreement:

irc: irc://irc.freenode.net/#pyogp

AWG homepage: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/AWG

AWG discussion group homepage:

AWG-related pages, irc channels and forums:

The near-term AWG goal is to create a set of open standard protocols that:

1) Enable third parties to run servers that connect to the Second Life
Grid platform
2) Scale the Second Life Grid architecture to support the
industry-projected situation in the next 10 years, where virtual worlds
will comprise at least 60 million regions, 2 billion users and in-world
concurrency of 50-100 million residents.


The long-term goal is to design a set of protocols and standards that
will enable almost any virtual world of any kind to "plug into" this
system to varying degrees, from support for a "universal avatar" to full
support for all Second Life features and/or the ability to inform
universal 3D viewers what features are supported (or not) in any given
virtual world.

More info on pyogp and the AWG can be obtained on the website or via irc.

Lawson English
AKA Saijana Kuhn, AWGroupies admin

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