Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
Andrey Khavryuchenko schrieb:
DBR> And as you said yourself:

DBR> """
DBR> Frankly speaking I would prefer to pay for your kind assistance
DBR> as it may take me to much time to learn some Python and
understand the
DBR> following script.
DBR> """

DBR> Now, again: http://www.guru.com/ There you can get devlopers for
DBR> money. So what again is your problem?

Actually, I am a python (and django) developer, looking for a contract,
owning Nokia 770 and contacted original poster with no response.
Well, I presume the above quoted wasn't exactly true - in the end, the
whole attitude of the OP smelled after "I want you to do work for me for
free that I'm unwilling to bother myself with - as it would mean putting
effort into it."

Jeepers - It says right there in the quote that he is willing to pay.
I don't see why the OP is getting so much flack for his question, even
if it is thought to be a little off topic.

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