On Sep 22, 4:25 pm, Andrey Khavryuchenko wrote:
DBR> And as you said yourself:

DBR> """
DBR> Frankly speaking I would prefer to pay for your kind assistance
DBR> as it may take me to much time to learn some Python and understand the
DBR> following script.
DBR> """

DBR> Now, again:http://www.guru.com/There you can get devlopers for
DBR> money. So what again is your problem?

Actually, I am a python (and django) developer, looking for a contract,
owning Nokia 770 and contacted original poster with no response.

Andrey V Khavryuchenko http://a.khavr.com/
Chytach - unflood your feedshttp://www.chytach.com/
Software Development Companyhttp://www.kds.com.ua/
Thanks Andrey,

if you mean having emailed me before.
I really sorry having to tell that I haven't got any email from you.
Don't use
Reply to author
feature by Google Groups
as any such email is not sent from your mailbox and you don't have a
copy of it.
Just read my e-mail and email me directly from your mailbox not Google
At some groups Google diabled this option to contact original poster
and even poster's email adresss is not avaliable.

Thanks for your interest.

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