http://members.lycos.co.uk/dariusjack/ schrieb:
On Sep 21, 1:26 pm, "Diez B. Roggisch" wrote:
Please help and let me know your terms.
There are websites dedicated to this - like e.g.


Make an offer there.

Ok Diez,

Do you really think only Gurus from Guru.com can help me ?
Do really need a middle-man ?
What middle-man?
As you see, I am not developer of that code.
Henri responded to me, code was intended for developers.
It doesn't really look complicated or high-tech.
Script should connect to a remote web site and get xml formatted data
as a response to a query string http request, read data and inject
into SQL database.
Is Python not fit to a task of this kind ?
Is there no a library of Python free scripts to accomplish the above
like many for javascripts ?
I am asking just of curosity, as an author of this script didn't
respond to my second request to tell me how complicated is the
problem and what made him not to write that script as a fully working

Is Python so difficult, complicated, even for experienced developers ?
No, it's neither complicated nor difficult. And you know what? Not only
for expierenced, but also for inexperienced developers it's an easy

And this community here is an extremely helpful and kind one.

But what it isn't is a forum to ask other to do your work FOR FREE. And
get kinky about it if they refuse to do so...

And as you said yourself:

Frankly speaking I would prefer to pay for your kind assistance
as it may take me to much time to learn some Python and understand the
following script.

Now, again: http://www.guru.com/ There you can get devlopers for money.
So what again is your problem?


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