Andrew Koenig wrote:
This may be a foolish question, but what's the most straightforward way to
plot a bunch of data in Python?

That is, I want to write a program that does some number crunching, and then
I want to change some parameters and watch how the changes affect the
results. I could produce a file to hand to gnuplot, but that's a bit of a
pain; so I'm wondering if there is a widely used package to which I can give
my x-y pairs and have it produce a graph for me with axes, scaling, etc.
In addition to the other (excellent) suggestions, you could have a look
at Veusz [1]. It has a GUI which, in your case, you could use to create
all the boilerplate code (axes, labels, etc.) interactively and then use
the scripting interface to feed in different datasets as required. The
major limitation is that it requires Qt/PyQt 3 so I don't know how easy
it is to get working under Windows.

[1] http://home.gna.org/veusz/

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