Michael Yanowitz wrote:

How about having something from Monty Python in the logo rather
than something snakelike. Python was named after Monty Python and not
the snake. Snakes also don't appear friendly to me.
I think the new logo, while professionally done (bravo!) is
unmemmorable. And why such fat snakes? Snakes are not generally
thought of as friendly (whereas Pythoin the langauge is); they are not
even warm-blooded, and I've always thought the snake a misfit for the
language... though the old snake was at least cute.

I think something along the "flying sheep" motif would be memorable -
after all, many of us remember it from MP.

And something like that much better represents the change in thinking
most programmers must undergo to embrace the language. "Help, I'm
falling --- I can't find any braces!"

To some extent Python is "something completely different".


calling it Python and then having a flying sheep as a logo - the
apparent contradiction might be a good mental reset for those
approaching the language. just my two cents

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