Hmmm... after due consideration (and reading the announcmement
properly), I support this license change in full.

If I could read past the first paragraph do you think I would really
hang onto this newsgroup asking stupid questions?!

The personal harm caused readers of this announcement should entitle
each reader to a free beer (or for those with bad hearts, a
nitroglycerin pill) at the expense of the perpetrator - though I imagine
the PSF team of lawyers retained for license enforcement may take up the
case on his side - money talks.

- As an aside, I should mention that I have countered the announced
licensing change with a patent application for the use of 3, 4, or 5
spaces as an indent for purposes of establishing a code block. I have
written a tidy little program that will count indent spaces in all
Python programs and expect to negotiate royalty settlements on a per
space basis ($.0001 per space proposed). Anyone who prefers to avoid a
call from my legal team can simply send me their source code for royalty
calculation, and provide a credit card or bank account number. Thanks.


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