Matt Trivisonno wrote:
Hi Everybody,

If I were to use Komodo to write in Python, would it add a lot of goo to my
code such that I would not be able to switch to another IDE without having to
claw my way out of a tarpit first?

Any other thoughts on Komodo? I am considering it because I am hoping to find
a solution to the install-packages-until-you-go-blind aspect of Python.
Setting up a serious, cross-platform, gui development environment is quite a
struggle for a newbie.
I work myself currently with the Kommodo IDE (but have not done an
thorough evaluation of the market before choosing it).

The "lock-in" question would be solved, if Active State would go
open-source with Kommodo.

Even a partial open-source would solve this: If the project-management
subsystems would go open-source, other IDE's could adopt them, ensuring
a cohesive standard across the dynamic communities.


I have made a compact review of Active State, which will possibly give
you some relevant information:


Note that some things have changed since the review, which could
simplify the process of going open source even more:

"Active State, a Division of Sophos" has become

"ActiveState Software Inc."



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