Matt wrote:
"Peter Decker" wrote:
You should take a look at Dabo,
Yes, I have Dabo installed on my system. I made a small test app, but was
unable to deploy it. I was getting an error from py2exe, I think, about how my
wxPython installation was not correct. This is the kind of thing I am talking
about. If Dabo were an integrated system, I wouldn't have to spend many days
struggling to install package after package and then get them all to play nice
with each other.

Having said that, I will continue to struggle and like Dabo as the best option
so far.
Have you reported your problem on the py2exe mailing list ? Lots of
people use py2exe with wxPython - so it should be possible to resolve.

(To post to the py2exe mailing list, please incldue the full error
message and a copy of the 'setup.py' you are using. This will help
people diagnose the problem.)

I have two other recommendations.

1) Look at SPE the editor - htttp://pythonide.stani.be
It is open source and includes a GUI builder as well. It's a very
nice editor.
2) For *deploying* applications you could consider Movable Python.
You'll need to buy a license per *target* machine, but it's a full
distribution of Python - so doesn't need the 'build' phase of deploying
with py2exe.

All the best,



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