On 2/19/06, Matt at bag.python.org wrote:

Yes, I have Dabo installed on my system. I made a small test app, but was
unable to deploy it. I was getting an error from py2exe, I think, about how my
wxPython installation was not correct. This is the kind of thing I am talking
about. If Dabo were an integrated system, I wouldn't have to spend many days
struggling to install package after package and then get them all to play nice
with each other.
Dabo is an open source package written by two guys in their spare
time. I'm not surprised that there might still be some loose ends,
especially with integrating with external packages.

Did you post a message to their list explaining the problem? Just last
week someone found a problem building with py2exe, and Paul, one of
the authors, identified the problem (py2exe wasn't 'finding' a library
that it should have), and had a fix posted within a couple of hours.
Having said that, I will continue to struggle and like Dabo as the best option
so far.
Good to hear! And don't struggle too much without posting a message
about your problem on the Dabo lists, or on their issue tracker
(http://dabodev.com/tracker). I've never worked with a more helpful
team than with the Dabo folks.


# p.d.

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