rbt wrote:
Luis M. Gonz?lez wrote:

Java => Sun
.Net => Microsoft
C# => Microsoft
Linux => too many big name IT companies to mention
Python => ________ ?
I know at least one company responsible for a linux distro (Cannonical
- Ubuntu), which encourages and even pays programmers for developing
applications in Python.
His founder, Mark Shuttleworth, is a python fan.
Aren't most all intelligent people Python fans?

Sure, but I am not under the illusion that intelligent people control
the fate of the world
Python is so unbarbaric or one might say 'refined', yet it can be
applied in a practical manner to all sorts of things. It's like having
James Bond as your very own personal body guard ;)
The truth becomes evident: Guido did not invent Python, Q did!

Or is Guido Q?

Reminds me of a story I heard about Guido- he was working at the PSU and

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