"Kay Schluehr" wrote:

I already see the headline: PEEP is the answer - PSF votes for software
patents. All ideas are written down by volunteers in great detail they
just have to be coded. Due to intellectual property rights PSF becomes
one of the richest organizations in the world. Guido van Rossum,
chairman of PSF and mighty governor of California recommends an
invasion into Iran: "we cannot accept that they didn't payed us for a
PEEP describing a steering mechism for a nuclear power station to be
written in Python. They are dangerous. They didn't have our
commitment." Mr. van Rossum also commented the unfriendly takeover of
the former software giant Microsoft that was immediately renamed into
"Snakeoil Corp." succinctly: "They had a platform we were interested

Yes, the Python experiment was (not just) successfull.

(Aside) Karl, I do not think K is taking the matter seriously, even though our very survival against an axis of eval is at stake. Send some of your goons around to keep an eye on Schluehr - K may not be of, by, or for the PEEPle - and besides, I just don't like that attitude.

I know, I know, Barbara says K's just a bitwise, but I've seen those weak types before.

Sure makes me wish for my days of youth when we had the real James Baud, 0x007.

But I assert, I will one day free this world of unlicensed coders and other rogue inventors and innovators who have no respect for the traditional logic that has always been my goto.


(Seriously) Certainly we do not want to go too far or you would not hear even a little PEEP out of me.

But sometimes a rugged individual can be even more rugged and more individual if said individual has the support of friends by which to vet ideas and, by absorbing counterpoint, to develop one's own thoughts even further.

And it is kind of nice when you have two teams drilling a mountain tunnel from opposite sides to have an effective way to line up efforts.

"yes, my brain is Swiss cheese tonight"

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