Ed Leafe wrote in response to the "Python vs. Access VBA" thread:

You might want to look at Dabo, which is a database application
framework for Python. In about 30 seconds you can create an application
that queries a database, displays the results, and allows for
editing/updating/inserting/deleting records.

This is a nice pitch. Can you provide simple, example code that does this?

As a non-professional programmer (I write to create my own business tools, and for the enjoyment, but no one pays for my code) the ability to generate quick db apps like this would constitute a real win, even if the 30 seconds is a "Guido 30 seconds" and it takes me 5 minutes (which might underestimate Guido by some magnitudes).

We're becoming so rich with competing frameworks that, not having the time to evaluate them, I have no single framework in my toolbox I am fluent with. Dabo seems like it might be worth my scarce time to learn; if I can really create a db app in "30 seconds", then I will probably do so, and get deeper into Dabo as I use it. Might become a "Dabo Guy". :-)

I suspect there may be others in my shoes, both inside and outside the Python community. If I tell such a person "Oh, you have the choice of many database application frameworks in Python" such a person's eyes would glass open; if I show them "30 seconds" of clean simple code that does as you say, such a framework might not only get more widespread adoption, Python could gain wider adoption as well.

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