It's a great marketing idea. There was a thread recently on Python-dev
that started with a message from Guido, where he talks about a
seemingly persistent perception that exists in the specialized press
regarding Python as a flexible, nice, but generally slow (or slower
than the alternatives) language.

Perception of the press: Python is "flexible, nice, but generally slow"

Well, the snake mascot as drawn is, of course, very flexible, appears to be friendly, and is, well, just how fast is a big snake, esp. a python? It'll get there, slithering along, but it doesn't really conjure up a "beaming" between two galaxies in a nanosecond image.

I like Monty (the snake), but perhaps there are liabilities arising from having a mascot (what is the mascot for C++?)

Of course all those speed comparisons on the web don't help either.


"Fast enough is only fast enough for today, not for tomorrow's possibilities. Network speeds will increase by a magnitude, ahead of processing power - then code execution speed will be a limiting factor."

Oh, and while I'm wishing for the Moon, can I have a builtin Prolog/logic object. ;-)

hey, Python is better than I deserve: mucho thanks to Guido and the core Pythonistas...

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