"H. S. Lahman" wrote:

Les Hatton "Does OO sync with the way we think?", IEEE Software, 15(3),
"This paper argues from real data that OO based systems written in C++
appear to increase the cost of fixing defects significantly when
compared with systems written in either C or Pascal. It goes on to
suggest that at least some aspects of OO, for example inheritance, do
not fit well with the way we make mistakes."
Try and find and experienced OO developer who would advocate that large,
complex generalizations are a good practice. You can write lousy
programs in any paradigm. The likelihood increases when you use the
most technically deficient of all the OOPLs. (If those developers had
used Smalltalk, I'll bet their defect rates would have been
substantially lower even if they weren't very good OO developers.)
Careful, the paper never claims that C++ produced more defects than C or
Pascal. It only claims that the defects found in the C++ program were
more costly to fix. That is a very big difference.

However, I agree completely with the rest of your comments.

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