In article <c2vem7$k0f$1 at solaris.cc.vt.edu>,
Bart Nessux wrote:
Peter Hansen wrote:
Another question no one has asked: if you're trying to get central
control in a situation like this, why the heck do the users even know
the root password for their machines in the first place? Can't you
reserve that for administrative use by the IT types, and give users safe
userids which _cannot_ do what you are saying they do to screw up the
They don't know the root password. They don't have to know it in order to
change it... all it takes is an "administrative" user doing this:

sudo passwd root

They can change it to whatever they like.
Edit /etc/sudoers and remove the admin group. Add a different group for
IT staff, and give that sudo rights.


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