"Laurent Therond" <google at axiomatize.com> wrote in message news:265368cb.0401161604.58099d89 at posting.google.com...
Peter, thank you for taking the time to answer.

I will need some time to digest this information.

From where I stand, a Python newbie who knows more about Java, this
concept of binary string is puzzling. I wish Python dealt in Unicode
natively, as Java does. It makes things a lot easier to comprehend
Python does deal with Unicode natively. You just need to put u
character before the string. This of course a violation of the rule
"There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it."
'a' == u'a'. But remember that Python appeared before Unicode,
so strings in Python could not be unicode strings from the beginning
Having strings be byte arrays, on the other, seems to confuse me.
Use unicode strings only.

-- Serge.

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