"Jacek Generowicz" wrote:
I would also add that while Lisp has been a favorite in
the AI community, you will find that most AI techniques
generalize to most any programming language. I spent
a good deal of time in grad school and on my first job
doing AI programming in C++. The only time I used Lisp
was in introductory classes, mostly to write elegant --
but toy -- programs.
Lest Derek give the impression that Lisp is in any way a
"toy" language, or that it somehow sacrifices practicality
for elegance, I feel honour bound to point out that it
is actually the most powerful and expressive programming
language known to man, and excells in solving problems
which are often considered too hard to be solved in other
I meant no disrespect to Lisp. My intention was only to point out
that it's quite possible to carry out AI programming in other
languages, albeit less miraculously. :)

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