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With "heavy use of Numeric module" you were calling functions
written in C. So how can you say that Python is fast,
when C code is doing all the work.
Well gee. *All* of the functions exposed in builtins *and* in built-in
modules are also written in C. So are all the methods of builtin types and
all the hidden functions (some exposed in the C API), including the
compilation and interpretation. So how can anyone even talk about the
speed of Python, when C code is doing all the work, whether quickly or

[and in another post]
I just think that the Numeric package is not the best example
of the speed of Python itself.
But what is 'Python' itself? I think you are making a false distinction.
Numerical Python and other scientific code driving C and Fortran functions
was a, if not the killer app for Python when I learned it about 7 years
ago. It was so important to the early success of Python, such as it was,
that the slice object was added just for its use.

Terry J. Reedy

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