Jason Tesser wrote:
I am thinking about developing a CMS with Python and Postgres. I am developing
on a Linux box with Apache 2. I have used PHP in the past but my at work we are
considering going with Python as our main devellopment language. A few
questions for you guys.

1. Is it best to just develop in all Pyhton or to use a mixture of PHP and Python?
Why other than personal feelings?
I wouldn't bother with PHP, for several reasons. One is that it's
(IMHO) a hodge-podge dog's breakfast of junk that doesn't have real
design behind it, another is that Python can do anything it can do,
and more readably, and a third is that I like to minimize the number
of different technologies used on a given project, to increase
maintainability, and to maintain the sanity of developers.
2. What is the best way to template using Python for me to seperate content
from logic? All the data that will be displayed in dynamic so I am not sure
what the best way to template it would be in Python.
http://webware.sourceforge.net/Papers/Templates/ has an overview, and
Googling for "python template language" or similar will give you that
page and dozens more that will give you a good start.

There is no "best way": what is best for you depends on more information
than you've provided, and is largely based on personal preference


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