On Sat, 29 Nov 2003 08:40:56 GMT, Joe Francia wrote:

Unless you're totally married to MySQL, you may want to consider using
one of the embeddable databases for Python, such as Sleepycat's
Berkeley, Metakit, PySQLite, Kinterbase, etc. I've used Berkeley,
Metakit and PySQLite, and they're all very good, each serving somewhat
different needs. Shouldn't be too much effort to pull the data out of
MySQL and into something else.
I do not want to use other database because my application *have to*
work in full mysql server *and* (with _very_ little effort) with embed
sql *without changing any sql queries*. It is multiplatform
application (MySQL/Linux & MSSQL2k/Win32) I thought about SQlite, but
it is no compatible with some queries. and I do not want to parse them
with regular expressions.

I checked mysql.h and I found the following piece of code:

Set up and bring down the server; to ensure that applications will
work when linked against either the standard client library or the
embedded server library, these functions should be called.
int STDCALL mysql_server_init(int argc, char **argv, char **groups);
void STDCALL mysql_server_end(void);

Those functions seems to be *no implemented* in MySQLdb (I could not
find them in _mysql.c file) :(

If I understood the comment above, MySQLdb could be compiled with
standard client library or with embed server library - not with both
of them, right? :(


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