John Roth wrote:
"Greg Ewing (using news.cis.dfn.de)" <g2h5dqi002 at sneakemail.com> wrote in
message news:bmd3cv$lk51t$1 at ID-169208.news.uni-berlin.de...
Dave Benjamin wrote:
In that case, why do we eschew code blocks, yet have no problem with the
implicit invocation of an iterator,
I don't think code blocks per se are regarded as a bad thing.
The problem is that so far nobody has come up with an entirely
satisfactory way of fitting them into the Python syntax as

I know. I played around with the idea a bit after it came up a couple
of weeks ago, and identified a number of issues. <<SNIP>>
So let's say I want to use a code block instead of
a lambda or a named function in a map:

foobar = map(def (x, y, z):
list1, list2, list3) <<SNIP>>
A third item is that I don't really care if we use 'def'
or not. Borrowing the vertical bar from Ruby, the map
example becomes:

foobar = map(| x, y, z |
list1, list2, list3)

I kind of like this better, except for one really unfortunate
issue: it's going to raise havoc with code coloring algorithms
for a while.

John Roth
How about just using the presence of (...):: as starting a code block?
A call to a function that might take two function args and something else:
foo = bar(func1, func2, nonfunc)
would become:
foo = bar( (a,b)::

I used the double colon after the closing bracket as the statements of
the enclosed statement block must be double indented w.r.t foo

I guess the indentation of the arguments of bar (not including the
statement blocks could have less restrictive indentation.
Just as you could write
foo = bar(
the indentation rules would have to be that the statement block is
double indented on the line after ):: and the statement block ends on
the next line with LESS indentation (more indentation would be tart of
the statement block).


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