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G.A. wrote:
Better late than never: The only way to do this securely is to rely on
the operating system's security, and even that isn't always possible.
I think the NT/W2K model allows for encryption based on keys that
only the specific user can use (i.e. you have to actually be logged
in as that user; I'm not sure if the adminstrator can fake it). This
won't work on 9X. On UNIX, a close approximation is to just store
the password in a file to which only the user has read access, but
obviously root will still have access.
Exactly, and too many users don't properly secure their machines.
Note that if the application supports multiple mail accounts for a
single user (as many do), then it becomes useful to have a single
password for the application, used to encrypt the various passwords for
the different mail accounts.
That's better.
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