On Wed, 10 Sep 2003 12:40:37 -0700, achrist at easystreet.com wrote:
The yield statement looks to be a big step toward some kind of
lightweight concurrency-oriented programming in python. Is there
any similarly nice way to do the opposite of yield, just sit around
(perhaps in the middle of a loop) and wait until some other routine
(unknown to the waiting module) hurls a value in?

If this is not implemented now, is there any chance that it's on the
list of things to come?
You can use a generator as the body of a function. That is, the generator is
only ever accessed through the function, and the function and the generator have
some agreed on way to pass parameters. I.e.:

def getline(output):
'''getline accumulates text until it has a complete line (signaled
by either a newline (\\n) or a null (\\0)). It then passes the
line (without trailing \n) to output'''

genargs = [None]
def callgen(text):
genargs[0] = text
return gennext()
def gen():
line = ''
while True:
text, = genargs
if text:
lines = text.splitlines(True)
if line:
lines[0] = line+lines[0]
for line in lines[:-1]:
line = lines[-1]
if line[-1] in '\n\0':
if line[-1] == '\n':
line = line[:-1]
line = ''
yield None
gennext = gen().next
return callgen

def printer(text):
print text

lineprinter = getline(printer)

lineprinter('hello') #nothing output
lineprinter(' world\n') #prints 'hello world'

Greg Chapman

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