"Terry Reedy" <tjreedy at udel.edu> writes:

"Claus Alboege" <csa at csa-net.dk> wrote in message
news:20030831.095012515090500 at csa-net.dk...
"Terry Reedy" <tjreedy at udel.edu> writes:
I haven't checked whether your address is currently on the

Then you are a pretty dumb program.
Not checking for the subscriber list is what I thought dumb.
Oh, well I'm not sure why it has been implemented that way, but two
reasons that comes into mind are, code simplicity and the fact that
these bogus unsubscribe requests are really rare - at least until now.
Ever heard of sublists?
I would expect sublists to be specially configured, by or with list
owner approval, as you seem to imply below, rather than added thru
public subscribe mechanism.
Not nessecarily. Having a bunch of users, behind a slow and expencive
link, each one subscribed to more or less the same set of lists, would
benefit from sublists. These can easily be setup by the local
admin. There is no need to involve the admin of the parent list.
And about people using different addresses for
each list they subscribe to, such as user-xxx-list at dom.tld?
No. I have never had unlimited address availability. I have exactly
1 from udel and 7 for the family from ISP. But it soulds like a great
idea. Just yesterday I got virus spam sent to names harvested from a
particular list. If I had a special address for that list, I would
resubscribe with a new name.
Exactly, yet another way to deal with spam :)
If I ever buy a domain-name service with 'unlimited' email accounts, I
will try this. Thanks.

/Claus A

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