David Mertz wrote:


My loyal fans :-) will remember that I did a Python IDE roundup for
_Charming Python_ a couple years back. Now I have another such roundup
lined up... not the very next article, but it's there on the list.

In the intervening years, I've hardly touched anything one might call an
IDE. I've looked at screenshots from time to time, and read various
announcements. But really I just use text editors and command lines.

Here's the thing: I probably have room to look at about four different
tools in one article. In fact, it wouldn't be absurd to only do three.
Past that, I cannot do more than list contact information and platform
in the available words. I'm sure there are more than four IDEs that
-someone- loves to work with out there... but I need to have a cutoff.

So c.l.py readers... make the case for your favorite one getting on the
list. I have a while to ponder the opinions advanced, should this
prompt some discussion (it may take a little while to order review
copies of commercial tools and/or get things installed).

Yours, David...

There is a brand new version of BlackAdder available from theKompany.com
that is quite impressive.


Screenshots here....

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